Bitcoin futures are here.

At least, they’re available for trading on CBOE now and other exchanges in the near future (e.g. CME), including here in Canada, too, the Financial Post is reporting.

What does this mean?

To my minimally-understanding brain, it means that non-crypto nerds (read: pretty much everyone else) can play the Bitcoin and alt-coin trading game.

Let’s face it. Cryptocurrency tech is a) new and b) not easy for non-techie folks to get into.

As a step in bridging the gap between the deep tech of cryptocurrencies and the rest of the world, futures exchanges look promising.

Will this mean more or less price fluctuation? My bet is on a continuation of the current trend for now, but once again, I admit to knowing next to nothing.

What are your thoughts?

(updated 2017-12-11 @ 11:42am: corrected statement that CBOE trading was coming and CME trading had started. The opposite is true.)

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