If you haven’t heard already, Stellar Lumens (XLM or STR) is trying to change the world with Blockchain.

Specifically, they’re working to provide access to financial transactions and financial markets to everyone.

The general idea is to provide access to foreign currencies at the best possible rates. This can be used for FOREX investing or straight up trading of goods and services.

And they do this in a pretty smart way, too.

It seems they provide support for both instantaneous exchange at market value as well as for bidding, hoping the market swings up or down.

What’s more, and here’s the really cool part: if a trade offer isn’t of direct interest, their system will complete a transaction by linking multiple trades together.

For example, a buyer with EUR wants JPY, but there are no JPY sellers looking for EUR. However, there are JPY sellers looking for USD and USD sellers looking for EUR, so the Stellar Lumens system makes the appropriate trades to fulfill the EUR-JPY trade using the existing JPY-USD and USD-EUR offers.

Somewhat recently (October 2017), they announced a partnership with IBM and KlickEx, too.

While it’s still early, both the concept itself and the recent partnerships suggest that Stellar Lumens has a pile of potential.

I, for one, hope they succeed in helping empowering even the most impoverished and facilitating trade across borders.

What are your thoughts on Stellar Lumens?

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