Back before the financial crash of 2007-2008 I was convinced the financial world was going to implode and cash would be worthless.

I watched the debt clock daily and was a connoisseur of conspiracy sites (when I wasn’t banned – Im looking at you GLP!).

I thought a good idea would be to max all my credit cards out by purchasing gold and silver on eBay, and when the dollar went to zero via hyper inflation, I could pay off that debt for pennies on the dollar by exchanging my horde of gold and silver for the “new” dollar.

Shortly after I realized the dollar wouldn’t crash with the economy, I was stuck with this hoard of precious metals, and no real way to use them as a currency.

After several sessions of Google-Fu – I discovered E-Gold! Unfortunately this service was shut down in 2009 and I lost whatever meager holdings I had on the system.

But I was hooked on the idea of a digital currency.

My Google skills and desire were strong and I came across Bitcoin. The problem was that without being a miner at that time, there really was no way to acquire Bitcoins easily.

I did find a guy/place that would give 1 free Bitcoin to whoever asked, so I managed to get my hands on under 10 Bitcoin in total. Worth about zip at the time. I squandered those coins by playing around with transactions, weird investments (scams), tumblers, etc. Also lost a bunch with old crashed computers, etc.

2 Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator

Then I found this awesome site called MT-Gox. (Funny note, I was using Google 2FA and right below my Google account, is my MT-Gox 2FA account!)

Surprise, I lost money and coins with the MT-Gox fiasco.

Then along came Liberty Bit!

Guess who lost more money on that?

Even though I kept trying, acquiring and losing money and Bitcoin, I still pushed on.

Fast forward to 2016, I spotted a Bitcoin ATM at a local bar.

I popped in $300 CAD and decided to try my hand at crypto again.

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Now I have several nodes and wallets running, and dabble on different exchanges.

I have several friends who have the following traits: computer hacker/bashers, privacy nuts, avant guard technology enthusiasts.

And it has been like pulling teeth to get them them to even look at Bitcoin.

So, I started on-ramping them by convincing them to install a wallet (JAXX) for me to show them something cool – then I send $20.

Boom – hooked!

Currently, I am working on an algorithmic script to trade for me on an exchange, and am ordering a hardware wallet.

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